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Culture Identity


The Shanghai center is the landmark building in Shanghai, and the second highest building in Asia. Located in the core area of Pudong Lujiazui financial and Trade Zone, Shanghai center is a super high-rise building with functions of Commerce, office, hotel, business, entertainment and sightseeing. Its total height is 632 meters, with a total construction area of 578 thousand square meters. As the ending of the Lujiazui high rise building group, the "Shanghai center" has become an important carrier of Shanghai's financial services industry. It also brings together the most modern technology, fashion and cultural elements, representing the spiritual pursuit and cultural development of Shanghai's writing City, and has become an important window for the city to exchange and integrate with the world.

The completion of the Shanghai center is undoubtedly of milepost significance. In order to highlight its cultural charm, the Shanghai center has been collecting designs for the whole country, hoping to design hundreds of high-quality cultural derivatives in two months. A total of 10 design companies were selected to participate in the bidding, all of which were 4A advertising companies except derelab. After several rounds of evaluation, Derelab won the favor of Shanghai center with its strength and finally won the project.

We solve problems in the proposition of Shanghai center. Shanghai center is not only facing the masses of consumers, but also carries a certain amount of government power. Therefore, it is multi-dimensional and should have both cultural value and architectural value, as well as modern aesthetic value.

We thought about the scenario: there are hundreds of derivatives, which need different styles and identify unified ones. It looks like a family. Moreover, it should have urban significance and show architectural characteristics at the same time. It should also have the taste of new Chinese style and reflect the spirit of contemporary China. Finally, it has certain government power in it.

On the basis of grasping the design scene, we listed and refined a series of concept keywords. In other words, we slice the Shanghai center from different dimensions and analyze it. Through these keywords, we deduce four dimensions from a near to far perspective: the city of Vientiane, the heart of the center, the light of Shanghai and the ridge of flying dragon.

The city of Vientiane means that from the perspective of architecture itself, it is all inclusive and has multiple business forms. The heart of the center is that Lujiazui is the financial center of Shanghai, and the Shanghai center is located in the center of Lujiazui. The light of Shanghai means that as the tallest building in Asia, it is the most dazzling beam of light in the whole city. The ridge of the flying dragon is a place to see the whole of China. Finally, we translate the above information into design language. In the city of Vientiane, we have made a colorful design for the building itself; The heart of Shanghai, we use the method of composition to make the architecture stand in it; The light of Shanghai, we put the light of Lujiazui night into it; Flying Dragon Ridge, we use the eighty-one corners of Shanghai center to construct the concept.









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