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Hangzhou Hengfeng Furniture Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, focusing on the R & D, design, production and manufacturing of campus furniture. It is now located in Hangzhou Qianjiang economic development zone and has its own modern plant and professional design team. Over the past 20 years, Hengfeng has independently developed a series of innovative products such as fly and fata, won many awards, formed a unique campus table and chair culture and led the trend of the industry.

With the promotion of the status of education in the 21st century, campus hardware facilities have been paid more and more attention. Therefore, Hengfeng has a clearer positioning for itself, that is to make fashionable campus furniture with both quality and beauty. At this time, Hengfeng encountered a problem: the original brand visual image can no longer match the increasingly sophisticated industrial design. Specifically, in terms of product R & D, Hengfeng hired an international design team to cooperate with Italian industrial designers to make the products fashionable and avant-garde. In terms of brand image, the logo more than ten years ago appears old and outdated, which can not match the visual vocabulary of the product, let alone highlight its international vision. Therefore, Hengfeng found derelab to upgrade its brand image and comprehensively improve its visual manual.

Derelab first made an in-depth study of the characteristics of the campus furniture industry. Different from daily household furniture, the use scene of campus furniture is more rich and flexible, which needs to meet different layout needs and give more possibilities to campus space. For example, modular furniture such as four person seats and multi person round tables can be constructed or split. At the same time, it has strong unity and functionality. For example, classrooms, meeting rooms and canteens, each space has clear functions and is harmonious but different.

Then, we analyze the characteristics of Hengfeng furniture products. Take the main product fly series chair as an example, its legs are very thin, the chair back is streamlined, elegant and lightweight, giving people a feeling of rising from the air.

Based on the above cognition, we have made the following detailed adjustments on the basis of Hengfeng's original logo: 1 The eight lines symbolizing "extending in all directions" are thinned to produce a simple, lightweight and infinitely extended visual effect, which better conforms to the flexibility and plasticity of Hengfeng furniture. 2. Make the font more fashionable, change the color from gorgeous red to high-grade red with more texture, and keep a low profile without losing the key. 3. The logo is three-dimensional and presents three-dimensional visual effects, which is more in line with the scene of industrial design. Therefore, we not only retain the existing users' cognition of the brand, but also expand the connotation of the logo, so that Hengfeng can better meet the contemporary aesthetic trend.

In the visual manual, we also clearly defined the color combination, Chinese and English font style, designed auxiliary graphics, derivatives and other rich contents to ensure the consistency between VI and products. In addition, we also designed the guidance system of Hengfeng building plant, which improves the appearance and style of Hengfeng enterprise as a whole.

The one-time VI visual manual provides Hengfeng with clear and powerful image guidance and brand strategy, making Hengfeng fashionable and modern. Therefore, Hengfeng is loved by major universities and firmly occupies a leading position in the field of campus furniture.






基于上述认知,我们在恒丰原有的标志基础上,做了以下细节调整:1. 将象征着“四通八达”的八个线条变细,产生一种简洁轻盈以及无限延伸的视觉效果,更好地契合恒丰家具的灵活性、可塑性。2. 将字体设计得更时尚,颜色由艳丽的红色改为更突显质感的高级红,低调而不失格调。3. 标志立体化,呈现三维视觉效果,更加契合工业设计的场景。由此,我们不仅保有了已有用户对品牌的认知,还扩充了标志的内涵,让恒丰更能迎合当代的审美潮流。



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