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Go trip is a luggage brand focusing on young travel lifestyle in China. Inspired by the loveliness and innocence of girls, the brand advocates "I believe that as long as you smile, everything will be beautiful". Go trip hopes to explore the young journey with consumers, create comfortable, easy-to-use and distinctive products, and store life stories for them. At the end of 2017, China's original luggage brand ITO acquired go trip, a powerful mid-range brand, in order to broaden its product categories.

Different from the relatively high-end positioning of ITO, go trip is aimed at younger groups (students / women). The price of the former's luggage products is more than 1000 yuan, while go trip hopes to occupy the luggage market in the price range of 100 yuan. In order to better grasp the young people, they urgently need a visual design closer to the user's personality and in line with the young aesthetic characteristics.

The growth of modern young groups is accompanied by China's consumption upgrading. They like things with high appearance value and good quality, things with original and sense of design, and things that are different and cost-effective. Combined with the moral of the brand name go trip - go includes the meaning of action, departure, yearning, courage, determination and so on; Trip includes the semantics of travel, freedom, randomness and relaxation. We think the luggage users attracted by go trip should be sensitive, pure, delicate, warm, frank and lively - action school!

We designed the logo square and round, with both a sense of skeleton and roundness, as if to express: I am powerful and can boldly face the new world. At the same time, my appearance has affinity, and I can talk to the world equally and freely. At the same time, the font design also echoes with the shape of the luggage designed by the product designer, which is relatively soft and angular. In terms of color, we choose low saturation Morandi colors - orange and light pink, with blue and high-grade gray, showing a gentle, comfortable and good visual image and highlighting the style of the brand.

According to the logo, we further designed highly characteristic auxiliary graphics to form a more complete visual image for the brand. We refine, disassemble and recombine the two letters of go into various shapes of circles. These circle marks can change color randomly and are widely used. In addition to the shooting style we defined, the colorful circle with vigorous girls can perfectly show the youth and flexibility, and the whole plane is full of visual appeal.


Go trip是国内专注于年轻旅行生活方式的箱包品牌。该品牌以少女的可爱与纯真为灵感,倡导“相信只要微笑,一切都会美好”。Go trip希望与消费者一同探索年轻的旅途,打造舒适好用,风格鲜明的产品,替他们收纳人生故事。2017年年底,中国原创箱包品牌ITO为拓宽产品品类,将Go trip这一颇具实力的中端品牌收购。

与ITO相对高端的定位不同,Go trip面向更加年轻的群体(学生群体/女性群体)。前者的箱包产品售价在1000元以上,而Go trip则希望占领百元价格区间的箱包市场。为了更好地抓住年轻人,他们迫切需要一个更加贴近用户个性,符合年轻审美特点的视觉设计。

现代年轻群体的成长伴随着中国的消费升级,他们喜欢颜值高、品质好的东西,喜欢原创、有设计感的东西,喜欢与众不同又兼具性价比的东西。结合Go trip这一品牌名称的寓意——Go包含了行动、出发、向往、勇敢、果断等语意;trip包含了旅行,自由、随性、放松等语意,我们认为Go trip吸引到的箱包用户应该是敏感的、纯粹的、细腻的、温暖的、率真的、活泼的——行动派!



整个VI设计,无论是人群的画像、字形的设计,还是物料的延展,行李箱的外观,是极具统一性的。我们也通过这个设计帮助Go trip,在箱包领域,在可爱风与商务风之间,开辟了自己的一片天地,吸引了一众年轻消费者。目前Go trip已成为天猫上备受欢迎的箱包品牌。

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