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Visual Identity


The Chinese brand perland was born in 2008. Following the ultimate design concept, perlan advocates a natural, simple, healthy and personalized lifestyle. Its products mainly include mattresses, pillows, bedding, etc. Pelan's sleep system product development focuses on comfort and simplicity, and strives to provide the ultimate zero pressure and zero conflict sleep experience.

Perlan settled in tmall home decoration in 2011 and has developed rapidly in the dividend period of e-commerce in recent ten years. As the bonus period gradually subsided, the sales growth of perland online slowed down and its development encountered a bottleneck. Reflecting on the current situation, perlan realized that under the new consumption situation, the old materials and image design have been divorced from the current consumers' aesthetic consciousness. To continue the vitality of the brand, we can only rely on a strong "internal skill", that is, to quickly improve the brand image and the visual quality of products exported to the outside world. At the same time, catch up with the new retail boom, start to build physical chain stores and expand new sales channels. Therefore, perlan found derelab to seek a unified, accurate and contemporary aesthetic brand image and positioning.

In the past two decades, with the trend of younger consumption and small house type, the middle and low-end home market has risen. The importance of mattresses is increasing day by day, the application scenarios tend to be diverse, and the replacement cycle becomes faster. In the past, people bought an expensive mattress and used it for decades. Now people tend to buy products with high cost performance; In the past, the mattress only carried the sleep time. Now, the mattress integrates more daily experience and becomes a comprehensive space for study, work, games and entertainment; In the past, people only focused on the practicability of products. Now, people also pay attention to the lifestyle and attitude conveyed by brands. The change of consumption situation has brought greater challenges to the home industry. It can be predicted that the future market share will focus on brand advantages.

We first analyze the location of perlan. Perland itself has a strong technology in manufacturing and producing mattresses. How to make their products come out of the competition of many manufacturers, launch their own brands, shape brand characteristics and find their consumers is the focus of our thinking. After investigating similar competitive products, we positioned perland as a brand with great sense of design among low-cost products.

According to this positioning, we believe that perland's target market will focus on the medium and low-end market to attract this huge crowd. Her key words are "zero burden" and "zero conflict" - she will bring consumers a healthy, relaxed, secure and safe living environment through safe fabrics and processes, high-quality design, service and experience.

We define perland's core concept as "science brings zero conflict sleep", that is, using scientific product solutions to bring "zero conflict" physically and sensory.

We have deeply excavated the brand value of perland from three angles. In terms of function, perlan provides an experiential life scheme, which allows users to live in a safe, relaxed and stress-free environment; In terms of personality, perlan is the founder of rigorous aesthetic sleep, paying attention to the needs of users all the time, and passing on his own ideas to consumers through beautiful design; In terms of style, perlan removes cumbersome, pursues simplicity and environmental protection, and advocates a light life with a sense of design and a relaxed and simple consumption attitude.

Based on the above concepts, we designed five brand slogans such as "zero conflict life", "not complicated, extraordinary" and defined the unified tone of external publicity.

The logo shape we designed for perlan uses the English initials BL of perlan, plus the three vertices representing "technology", "safety" and "comfort", which deforms and evolves into a stable equilateral triangle shape. In terms of color, the brand color of perland was originally brighter Tiffany blue, but we believe that this bright tone conflicts with the comfort itself conveyed by the core concept of "zero conflict sleep". After discussion, we changed it into more lasting elegant gray, rice white and earth color.

One noteworthy detail is that the outer ring of the logo is soft and round, and the inner ring is firm and angular. Gentle and firm, big and small echo each other. A broken pen is left on the letter B, which enlivens the fluidity of the broken space, just as the material of the perlan mattress - soft and comfortable pressure relief wave cotton. The beauty of rigor and the finishing touch of breaking rules are its most romantic places.

On this basis, we also designed supporting envelopes, pillow outer packaging, bedding outer packaging, certificate of conformity, price label, T-shirt, publicity banner, handbag, as well as street signs, advertisements and doorways of physical stores. Derelab helped perland re create brand advantages through clear and effective strategies and elegant and romantic design. After the new visual system went online, perland comprehensively improved its brand image, received good feedback from consumers, gradually broke the bottleneck of sales and achieved orderly growth.