Dere Lab视觉设计咨询机构
Dere Lab设计服务团队
Dere Lab设计研究室隶属于上海笛耳设计咨询有限公司,是一家全方位的视觉及设计咨询机构,专注创造深入型的设计创意。创始人久屿拥有文化研究、设计咨询、视觉设计三重背景。曾与顶尖设计大师、作家及艺术家合作展览、包装、创意沙龙、书籍策划等项目。


Dere lab design and research office is an all-round visual and design consulting agency, focusing on creating in-depth design ideas. Jiuyu, the founder, has three backgrounds: cultural research, design consultation and visual design. He has cooperated with top design masters, writers and artists in exhibitions, packaging, creative salons, book planning and other projects. At present, he has experience in international design projects of mainframe, helped Japanese visual master Hara to design his personal exhibition "design in design - Hara 2001 China Exhibition", and designed his book "design private quotations". He has made visual design for the creative exhibition of the Royal Institute of architects and Shanghai new world, and has made strategic visual planning for the large-scale cultural derivative system of Shanghai center. The clients who served include Beijing China World Trade Center, Shanghai center, Shanghai Xintiandi, Tongji University, 100% deer gazelle, Jahwa, Yi Ben Materia Medica, Unilever, Japan Honda, Utopia publishing house and so on. The works are also awarded the world top graphic design appreciation TDC Yearbook.